Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quote Time, for a Time of Tragedy

"why is everybody always chasing We? ... ain't no one gonna break My stride; ain't no one gonna hold Me down. oh no. I got to keep on moving, stay Alive."
-Matisyahu, "Jerusalem"

In the aftermath of the recent horrifying tragedies in Mumbai, this song really struck a chord with me.

These lines kind of represent the Big Question that we all automatically ask when such a tragedy occurs:


Why does G-d allow such evil to be perpetrated?
Why were these wonderful, caring, incredible people killed?
Why is there so much brutality in the world?
And, ultimately:
Why hasn't G-d delivered us from this brutal Exile yet? Haven't we suffered enough?

There are no satisfactory answers out there and the second line in my quote is the only response that we can come up with:

We will go on. We will not allow those who hate us to hold us down. We will Live to fight another day, in spite of these tragedies.

And, ultimately, we will be the last ones standing.


  1. Frum Fem:

    HaShem endows us with free will. Without it, the world would be populated by soulless robots. There would be neither good nor evil. In this world, we struggle to be good, struggle against evil.

  2. Very true. Doesn't make it any easier though.

  3. Matisyahu lifted that tune. It's from 1983 hit by Matthew Wilder. Look it up on Utube

  4. Thanks JB. Someone actually told me that after I wrote this blog.