Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The U.S.A. is an Obama-Nation

As his (relatively) landslide victory shows, Barak Obama is well-loved by this country. The numbers make it pretty clear that the majority of this country are Obama fans, making this an, "Obama-Nation." 

"Obama-Nation" is a term I heard somewhere during the election and it stuck in my head ever since. In the context that I heard it in it was a positive title but to me, its double-meaning is telling. 

Image is everything in our society today, and Obama was exactly the image that America was looking for. He had the right slogan, the right logo, the right speeches, and even, (dare I say,) the right coloring. He was a product perfectly marketed to the American people, who accepted him with open arms. 

Unfortunately, this particular product wasn't tested before being put to use. Obama got this job with less than a decade of legislative experience and Zero executive experience. The people who voted for him chose him because he said all the right things and they decided to believe him without him having to prove anything. 

A thoughtless way to choose a President, based wholly on his packaging. Americans being unable to use logic and reason to choose their highest representative... 

I call that a true abomination. 

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