Sunday, September 2, 2012

Confessions From the Dark Side. Part 1

In the interest of erasing the taboo that admitting that you have faults is wrong, I'm going to start publishing confessions from my own dark side. And for every honest confession I get in return in the comments section, I'll publish a new one. 

Confession #1: 

I enjoy listening to "non-Jewish" music.

This might sound like a really stupid confession to people unfamiliar with the frum world, but in the frum world, you're not allowed to listen to "goyishe music". We were strongly reprimanded in school (elementary and high) if our teachers found out we listened to the radio. "Do you listen to the radio?" was a code question for, "Just how frum are you?" It's a question they ask in shidduchim (the matchmaking system in the frum world) to rate just how worthy you are of a "good guy" (or "good girl", if you're a guy.)

So... Yes. I listen to the radio. I'm currently listening to a song called, "Spiralling" by the band Keane on Spotify. It just switched to "We Are Young" by "Fun." 

Now it's your turn. Confessions, people, if you want another from me. We're all (well, not me, so much, anymore) speaking anonymously here.