Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quote Time + Correction

"Which is better -- runs the endless question -- a republic or a monarchy? The dispute always resolves itself into an agreement that it is a very difficult business to govern men. The Jews had G-d Himself for their master, and see what has happened to them as a result: nearly always have they been oppressed and enslaved and even today they do not appear to cut a very pretty figure."
-Francois-Maries Arouet de Voltaire

So even with G-d Himself "governing" the Jews, we still ended up being screwed? And that's because it's so hard to govern men? Is that what Voltaire is saying? Guess he didn't believe in G-d as much as he claimed he did, considering he didn't think "G-d Himself" could take care of things...

It was the, "even today they do not appear to cut a very pretty figure," part that cracked me up.

Corrections from my, "W - The President" post:

1) The Jewish Journal apparently is not affiliated with the Jewish Federation, as someone with the name, "" mentioned in the comment section.

2) The, "Olmert's popularity ratings go up - to 3%" headline was on the Jewish Journal's Purim cover, so it might not be a correct statistic.

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