Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The 'Clinton-Worship-Fest' Book Signing

I went to the Dee Dee Myers book signing that I mentioned in an earlier post. You know, the, "Why Women Should Rule the World," book.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I should have expected it to be a liberal-fest but for some reason I didn't expect people to be so incredibly partisan that they couldn't see past the noses on their faces.

It was Clinton (mostly Hillary, but not exclusively,) worship all around.
I felt like a squirrel in a room full of resting dogs; as long as I stayed quiet, I would be fine, but the second I made a peep, they'd pounce.

I arrived early because I wanted to get a seat. There were only two other people there when I got there and they were talking up a storm about hating Republicans and loving the Clintons while I sat quietly and read one of my textbooks. I was interrupted by a woman asking me:

"Would you like a Hillary bumper sticker?"

I almost laughed but managed to make it just a smile when I replied, "No thanks." I was the only one in the growing crowd who refused.

Let's forget the crowd, among which I'm pretty sure were a few lesbian women, (I've never quite been looked at by a woman the way a few of those ladies looked at me,) and at least one gay man, (his, "Wow, those are great boots, though they wouldn't look good on me," comment when he sat down next to me clued me in.)

It was not a scene I, as a frum woman was in any way accustomed to, but I stayed because I wanted to see what Dee Dee had to say.

Her opening was a joke. A Rush Limbaugh joke. A little girl saying her mom is gonna kill her because she saved Rush Limbaugh's life joke.

It got a hearty laugh from the crowd and Dee Dee admitted, "This has nothing to do with what I'm going to talk about today but any chance I get to bash Rush Limbaugh, I do."

A disparaging George W. Bush came a few seconds later.

Again, I shouldn't have been surprised by the partisanship of it all, considering Dee Dee worked for the Clinton administration; I guess I was naive to think that a book signing would be about the book there to be signed.

Needless to say, I left early. Dee Dee made some good points, (which I'll talk about another time,) but the Q&A session was all about Hillary v. Obama, why people hate the Clintons, (they all seemed so shocked by it, somehow,) and life working for Bill Clinton, and I'd really had enough.

It took hours for me to get over the sickened feeling I had when I left. You need a strong stomach to handle one, let alone a room full of, people who love the Clintons.

Photo Credit: Me.


  1. may i ask what deeper feelings you harbor against the clintons... i mean the last one to run the country led it through its most prosperous times ever.


  2. He was lucky enough to inherit the dot-com boom. Most people don't realize this, but the economic recession that Bush is blamed for actually started while Clinton was still in office. It was the dot-com boom ending. He wasn't directly responsible for the economic boom during his presidency.

    As for reasons I don't like him...
    One of the roles of the President is to be "First Citizen," to be an example for citizens everywhere, and he messed that up with his immoral behavior.

    Then he lied under oath.

    Then he failed to take out Bin Laden, even though he knew he was a threat, because he was afraid public opinion would be against him for taking military action against a "non-hostile" target.

    As for Hillary; what I have against her is that she's still married to this guy. I'm not crazy about her politics either, but it's her husband that is the real reason for why I dislike her so much. I'd respect her a lot more if she got herself a divorce.