Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"She Knew She Was in Trouble When Weberman Closed the Bedroom Door"

Regarding the case of Nechemya Weberman, a man who was supposed to be counseling a 12 year old girl and molested her for years instead: 

She was a bad girl. Was it because she talked to boys, or she was dressing too fashionably, or she asked too many questions? That didn’t matter. She was bad and the vaad hatznius (modesty committee) of Williamsburg was willing to fix her, for a hefty fee, of course. The alternative was being stuck with a reputation as a nebbish(loser), an oiysvorf (outcast), and a shiksa (gentile). Once you you acquired that reputation no decent family would let you marry their son.
Her family’s last hope was a “torah therapist” who could change her into a good girl. She didn’t know what to expect. But she assumed he would counsel her with words of torah. He would be a rabbi with a reputation for being zealous about torah and tznius(modesty). That of course meant he would scrupulously observe all the halachos(rules) and minhagim (customs) governing relations between men and women. She was only twelve, just a bat mitzvah, and thus liable for violating any of the halachos applying to a grown woman.
Read this blog post. Support this girl, even without knowing her name. Justice demands it. 


  1. I was reading the posts from (one of the commentators screen name from the link you shared was the website) and I felt like crying.

    It happens and is happening, but still so hard to wrap one's head around that it does.

    1. It's horrifying. And so important for it to be made public so that people know that they will be held responsible for their horrific actions.

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  3. No girl at 13 is a "bad girl". He who sees "badness" in another Jew only sees himself in the mirror.
    You can read about that point the Rebbe taeches here:
    That's point one.

    As for this horrible specimen of a Jew, it was his due recompense. Nor was this his only crime.
    See here:

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    1. Hi Kathryn,

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