Thursday, November 11, 2010

Republicans Winning Women?

Here's an interesting bit of news:

Last week's election results show that women voters, who have traditionally been primarily Democrats, are shifting to the Republican camp. (Like my color-coding?) The Los Angeles Times called it, "a jolting drop in female support this year for House Democrats".

The article went on to say that the drop is mostly because more married women voted Republican this year, but that single women, "historically one of the party's most loyal demographic groups" also voted for Republicans more than previously.

Pollsters blame it on Obama and Democratic leaders for failing to ease their financial stresses.

Thank you, Mr. President. We knew you'd have our backs.

We appreciate your support.


  1. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Illinois where we re-elected a Democrat governor because women did not "like" our conservative Republican candidate. He has stated his pro-life stance and it did not resonate with the pro-choice crowd in the Chicago suburbs. The most ironic thing is that the Governor has virtually nothing to do with abortion law. Why the heck do women care if he is pro-life?? Instead we get 4 more years of Pat Quinn who replace Rod Blagojevich after he was removed from office. Quinn's claim to fame is a proposed 150% increase in the income tax. He won by less than 18,000 votes and 2 days later he said he had a "clear mandate" for a tax increase.


  2. Yeah, we didn't fare so well in California either.

    The abortion issue is a hot-topic in political circles that is used by politicians and the media alike to promote or vilify people running for office. It's a political platform that people look at as a symbol of what a candidate stands for.

    Was it really the women who were upset about him being pro-life that lost him the race?

  3. My newest post is dedicated to you. Its entitled, "The Shake" :)