Monday, March 30, 2009

No Christianity, No Islam, No America

Pesach (Passover) is coming and along with it comes chaos. For Orthodox Jews Passover means more just family and celebrating. It means removing every crumb of bread (rice, pretzels, bagels, popcorn - food in general) from every corner of your house. That means everything from vacuuming under (and inside) every piece of furniture to cleaning out any books that you may have gotten a crumb inside of at any time during the year.

Yes, we Orthodox Jews are crazy. 

I'm taking a moment, now, to remember that this holiday is not just about that craziness. It's about the miracles that G-d did when He freed the "Children of Israel" (we weren't "Jews" then - we were just "Israel's kids") from Egyptian slavery. 

Stop, for a moment, and think about what the world would be like if G-d had not taken us out of Egypt. There would be no Jewish nation. Chances are we would have, after another couple hundred years, have just lost our identity in Egypt and, at best, would have become lower-class Egyptian citizens. Worst case, we would have died out. Pharoah was killing all male "Israelite" babies, and without any "Jewish" boys, there would be no more Jewish families. 

Kaput. Our story would have ended before it began. 

Forget about the Land of Israel. It would never have been started. 

Forget about Christianity. Jesus would never have been born. 

Forget about Islam. Mohammed would never have met those Jews in the desert who inspired him to start his own religion

Would the American Revolution have been possible without its Jewish sponsors

No Christianity. No Islam. No America. Where the heck would the world be without the Jews?


  1. "No Christianity. No Islam. No America."

    Well, aside from the no America part, no Christianity and no Islam sound great to me.

  2. And whats your evidence that Muhammad met some Jews and started his own religion?

  3. Another excellent post, FF.

    "Israel's kids" -- I like it!

  4. Mohamed -

    I'm not here to argue religion. I believe what I've been taught to be historically true and you are free to believe whatever you believe to be true. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you're wrong. That's not the point of this post.

  5. YA -

    No America would be very sad, wouldn't it?

  6. mhammad's relationship with jews is clearly documented. and the entire quran is full of references to the bible and the bani israel. (in fact that's its main topic. and its not very flattering.)