Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's "Pledge" Ourselves to Obama Video

Here's the "Pledge" video I wrote about in my last post, called by some, the "Wealthy Celebrities Pledge Wealth-Distribution-Socialism" video.

I can't believe I'm posting an Obama video on my blog... But then, I confess that I do think that one good thing has come from this "Obamaism" AKA "Obamianity," AKA, "Obamantology," and that is that there are significant numbers of Americans who now know that there's an electoral process in this country. It's a big difference from the, "Coming of Age in Mississippi," America that Anne Moody wrote about, where Blacks in America were either unaware that they were allowed to vote in elections or too scared to do so. 

See? I'm trying to look at the positive side of the picture. Like I'm looking for that check in the mail that Obama promised to send me...


  1. wow, you pledged to look at the positive side of things...see they are getting to you already

  2. Was that a pledge? Good grief, I didn't even know that I was pledging when I pledged.