Monday, February 11, 2008

Maybe Not a Woman in Office...

It seems I spoke too soon in my last post. Obama hasn't given up the fight, despite Hillary taking the lead on Super Tuesday, so Hillary might not get the Democratic nomination.

Obama versus McCain... I don't know if I can vote for someone with the name, "Barak Hussein Obama." Maybe I'll abstain from this election? It would go very much against my principles; I collect those, "I voted!" stickers that they give out at the polls after you vote, you know.

I mean, for goodness sakes, do you know what it took to pass the 19th amendment (Women's Suffrage)? All that fighting and then I don't vote? That just wouldn't be right, now would it?


  1. Sometimes withholding your vote is a way of making a statement. Sadly, there have been many times I just couldn't bring myself to vote for either candidate. But I vote on the other issues/races on the ballot. Even a blank ballot says something when they look at the number of ballots cast, and see that the number of votes for each candidate does not add up.

  2. I guess that I haven't been voting long enough to have experienced making a statement by withholding my vote. Six years...

    In spite of all the, "I'm an old-maid in the frum community" talk, I really am pretty young.

  3. all roads lead back to ure "old maid" frustrations....gee.

    regardless i think womens minds are easily swayed (brachot somewhere), thus suffrage is probably not the best thing for them.

    with love

  4. Remb -

    1) My "old maid" frustrations are an essential part of this blog.

    2) Excuse moi? Suffrage isn't the best thing for women? You better be saying that just because you're trying to get a reaction out of me and not because you really believe that. If you really don't think that women should have the right to vote, I will be very, very, VERY, angry.